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Amazing Internet Feedback on The Prostitute State from grassroots readers from across Britain:

Charles – Amazon Top 500 reviewers:
5 Stars ! This book goes into detail about the author's experiences trying to lessen corporate influence of the Lib Dems which ultimately failed and lead to him quitting. There is a huge amount of information about recent scandals, tax dodging and who is getting money from who. This book is a must read for activists, journalists or anybody interested in how this country really works.

Penney Poyzer: VASTLY enjoying, frightened by, appalled by the revelations in your most excellent book D xx

Paul Simpson – PR Lecturer Greenwich University: Donnachadh - I've not had a chance to THANK YOU for writing The Prostitute State, and to congratulate you on how fantastic it is.

Editor Permaculature Magazine, Maddy Harland:“it’s a brilliant book”

Anon Amazon Reviewer:  5 Stars! Great read !!! It opens your eyes I think everyone should read this book??? If you love your country and see what is happening to it and the people that are doing it !!! Read this - highly recommended!!!

Giftedorb Facebook: The Prostitute State @DonnachadhMc, a must read book, I have shared my copy already

Green Party Cllr Ian Driver:  Donnachadh I love your book. It brought back memories of our time on Southwark Council. Your book is a must have for anyone interested in politics. Best wishes

Permaculature Magazine No 83 Book Review  Peter Ellington, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia: Donnachadh is a hero of our times; standing up for our rights and pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. So few people are willing to take this risk, in fear of losing their place in the neoliberal rat race. We need people like him and books like this to set an example, point out the crisis of our State, so that others might also take collective action.

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Gwyn Morgan@gajagwyn: Tour de force explication of a monster: the corporate capitalist state by @DonnachadhMc. A life-affirming must read!

Green Party Leader in Wales, Pippa Bartolotti: A very good book I must say. I'm just about to finish it and would thoroughly recommend The Prostitute State.

Dan Tudor Pole FB:  The Prostitute State is an essential book for anyone wishing to understand how our democracy really works

Daniel Ashman, member Occupy LSX: This should be on everyone's reading list. Activist or not. Old and young the author whistle-blows and evidences why we should engage in the creation of our society and how that power is hijacked. It will blow your mind, cause the penny to drop and arm you with vital truths. No publisher would touch this book because it scared them and it should do too because as the book points out they too are part of the Prostitute State. A game changer for sure. I can't recommend this book enough. My blood is boiling!

Mark Lomas:  It's a book which will open your eyes re. how our democracy has been sold.

Mike Cobley:  Well done, really fascinating, horrifying yet inspiring read! Essential reading for all progressives (and even Libdem members, both former and current who will find eye-opening info within!)

Biff Vernon:  Review: It's a very good book. Read it. Maybe the politicians already know. It's the voters who need to read it!

Lyn Downes FB:  It's making my blood boil and feel I must do something rather than the usual just complaining about it. Everyone needs to read this book to realise the extent of the audacious behaviour happening right in front of us. Thank you Donnachadh McCarthy for standing up and speaking out!

Kathy Roddy on Twitter : Your book is brilliant. Thank you so much for writing it. I want to give it to everyone I know.

Alan Blake, former Lib Dem Cllr : Thought provoking, well researched, disturbing, brilliantly written, should be an enforced read for all politicians of all parties. Very pleased to be part of the crowd funding.

Anne Horner:  I've nearly finished this chilling book and recommend it to all. The research that has gone into it is impressive. Lib Dems should suspend their personal feelings about Donnachadh and his departure from the party and read it. It will open their eyes - it has certainly opened mine (already enlarged by experience) further than they actually wanted to go!

Pandora (Amazon Reviewer) : 5 Stars! This book is a must for every political activist in the U.K. We all need to know who is really in charge. It certainly is not the elected Government. All senior members of every political party are targeted by lobbyists and end up in the pay of large Corporations. Time to get wise...   Read this book”

Dave Hampton, The Carbon Coach: Thank you for this book Donnachadh.  Intelligent Dynamite. "You've only blown the bleeping doors off!"  

Simon Foster, Lecturer:  And a bloody interesting book it is, says the A level Politics lecturer. Uncomfortable reading for many, essential reading for others. And I'm not that far through it yet.

David Hampton (The Carbon Coach) Review No 2: I read Chapter 1 of Donnachadh's book early this morning, and it has rocked my world - in a good way. You have drawn a line in the sand. A better world is possible, and indeed, is coming... Thank you for calling it forth and for the awesome dream of "The Great 21st Century Democratic Reform Act"

Fiona Jane Marshall:  Brilliant thought provoking book written by the awe inspiring Donnachadh McCarthy.

Lyn Downes FB:  It's making my blood boil and feel I must do something rather than the usual just complaining about it. Everyone needs to read this book to realise the extent of the audacious behaviour happening right in front of us. Thank you Donnachadh McCarthy for standing up and speaking out!

Dr Si Si Symon:  Thanks. Your book was recommended to me by a close friend who said she couldn't put it down. I've only got to page 38 so far, life being as busy as it is with 2 babies to look after, but it's so good and I think essential reading that it is going to be my Christmas/birthday gifts to all my family, friends and colleagues for the next year.  Well done.