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Article in Resurgence and Ecologist, March/April 2014

“The Real Power in Politics

Environmental campaigner and former politician Donnachadh McCarthy knows exactly who is to blame when greener policies are not adopted by political parties.

Millions of people across the globe are trying to save our planet’s ecosystems from the mega-crises bulldozing them into oblivion. But despite all this impressive positive global effort by humanity, the destruction continues. The oceans are getting more acidic, CO2 emissions have broken the catastrophic 400ppm barrier, and a wave of human-caused animal and plant extinctions is sweeping the Earth.…”

Interview in Ecologist 8th November 2013

“Donnachadh McCarthy, former deputy chair of the Lib-Dems, speaks to The Ecologist about the collapse of British democracy and his hopes for reform.

21 years ago Donnachadh McCarthy became an active environmental campaigner after spending time with the Yanomami people in the heart of the Amazon forest and seeing first-hand the destruction wreaked there by the 'civilised' world.

Since then…”

Article in The Huffington Post 07/03/2014

“The Lib Dems and 'the Prostitute State'

This Saturday I will speak at a Lib Dem Conference fringe meeting, for the first time since my resignation was demanded by the Lib Dem President Navnit Dholakia. This was for daring to tell conference that the leadership was refusing to implement the ban passed by conference on Lib Dem Peers working as corporate lobbyists…”

Quoted by Asa Bennett in The Huffington Post 02/08/2013

“…Epps’ concern was shared by former Lib Dem deputy chair Donnachadh McCarthy, who told the HuffPost UK…”

Article in Camden New Journal 05/01/2015

“HE is a man of so many parts I am tempted to ask: Who is the real Donnachadh McCarthy?…”

Article in Ham & High 05/01/2015

“In the run-up to the election, the Barnet Green Party is inviting key speakers to entertain and inform audiences at free events open to the public. The first is Donnachadh McCarthy who reveals all about what really happens in politics….”

Podcast interview on The C.O.N. December 2014

“Donnachadh McCarthy features this week.”